Don’t be the Riddler – share the information!

Please don’t play the guessing games at the expense of others. Especially don’t do it in customer service or in co-operation. Guessing games is not cool and it produces sad mind. It is a part of children development but for adults it shows the lack of communication skills. Playing guessing games reflects laziness and childishness.

We live in a house and we have L&T trash can in the yard. Today was time forit to be emptied. When I got home the can was still full and there were two black waste bags. No information, no messages, no nothing. I called to the customer service and they did not know anything – they replied that in the system it reads that driver have handled our trash can.

In the gym there were new badges to access gym outside opening hours. After some months there were quite interesting story in the Facebook group of the gym. In the story there was something about morning gymnastics, Open Gym and open doors days. In a diner there are a lot of different food choices and dishes but there is no map or instructions, how to proceed that one can get the meal on the menu.

“What?” is the common factor in situations described earlier. Why it is so hard to give direct instructions, if someone has done something wrong or does not know anything about the environment. I don’t know what the dustman wanted. I’m not sure did someone leave door open in gym or where to start to get the menu in diner. Each of these situations gives me the feeling “not here, not again”. I won’t be doing anything with the company anymore, exceptions are if the continuous service for the company is very good or they have monopoly so cannot change service provider.

Person playing guessing games think giving a hint good enough. But the audience actually is not in the game and don’t want to play. Communication that Riddler does is driving adults into madness. Need to use energy for thing that can be done in 20 seconds. We don’t like to play, please give the information directly.People usually don’t want to repeat the mistakes, if the mistake is not communicated clearly – we get irritated for “you did something wrong, guess what was it”.

If you want to be a Riddler – don’t’ get surprised when Batman gets there. Movie  Batman Forever has a lesson and Riddler did not succeed in the movie.

Be always polite and clear in your communication. It is not underestimating others when you use a bit more time to remind what this information is about. Leave no room for assumptions.

Originally posted in Finnish 8.10.2018