Introvert’s imagination

Introvert’s imagination is usually without comparison. There is a saying “introverts have whole world inside their minds” means it literally. Most might have even multiple galaxies. Introverts have ability to live inside the inner world is both possibility and threat. It is fantastic to own a organic virtual reality where to simulate work of greatest fantasies. The flip side is that when something annoys, then it is possible to have contact form conspiracy parties.

One of my favorite tv series is “The Big Bang Theory” which tells about nerd boys. Their life I about physics and comics. I laugh very much, mostly after humor that needs some intelligence to understand. I like also DC and Marvel comics. I just watched Daredevil from Netflix. Justice League was awesome movie! I usually wear some super hero shirt on – looking probably like idiot – while doing sports. It is my way of enjoying and playing.

The ability to imagine stuff in your mind and get deep into your mind is a stereotype of introverts. Going to your own safe place and reading a good book can get the person to glide somewhere in the space. It is awesome when your own mind makes everything real. Once imagination has been a parto of your life, it is very hard to understand that not everyone has the same ability. Not everyone can visualize things in their mind or imagine and feel different possibilities.

When there are fallbacks, person goes to the safe imaginary world and kicks back as an superhero in the daydreams. Many can reflect them to a situation where you are at lunch with colleagues looking for eternity with glazed eyes. Someone interrupts and asks “hello, what were you thinking?”. Introvert just replies, “work stuff”. Actually, the person is kicking your ass in his mind, because the stupid comment you made.

We don’t stop playing because we grow up. We grow up because we stop playing.

Having a child is one of the best things in live. Now I paly again with someone and enjoy the little things in life and simple feelings. One can set Batman logo to car and imagine being in Batmobile – while actually having Volvo V70 family wagon. Imagination and your attitude chooses how you live and feel the life. If you could choose to enjoy every moment and be happy – wouldn’t you?

Originally written in Finnish 8.12.2018

Ps. Having imagination does not need the person has empathy – these are not synonyms.