Believe in your skills – sky’s the limit

Others believe in themselves and their skills more than others. It is not because of intelligence or personality, it is because of education and experience. It is very important ability to understand your own skills. Not everybody realizes that amount of the skills is not constant, it is open – one does not eat the capacity from another.

I was at a party and discussed with a person that also writes column to Kaarina magazine so am I. I don’t remember which ability we were discussing, but suddenly he proposed an opinion, that he don’t want to be good on some skills because it is away from other skills. I was so confused that I did not want to tell my experience about this. I was afraid of long and difficult discussion, since I was sober and he was not.

I have noticed during my life, that the more you have skills, the more you will start collecting them. Skills pulls each other together. And they do not eat capacity from each other, quite he opposite. Learning to learn is the most important thing I learned in school. When you can do that, then learning new skills or developing existing with get easier. “What’s the use of mathematics?” is the common question I have herd many times during my life. Well sweetie – the point is to get your brain exercise things into your mind and then it is easy learn anything. At least learning is easier and nicer.

This person was right on that our time is limited. If you use time for learning one thing, you cannot use the same time for learning other things. But the skills are not competing together. I was thinking that why someone thinks like that. I realized that some people don’t realize that they can develop their skills. These people think that they are who they are and that cannot be changed.

I remember many of the education’s guides telling to encourage children to learn new things. If something does not go well, you need to encourage to try again and again and not concentrating on the failure.  One should not be afraid of failure because then one cannot learn anything new. No one is born a master. The importance of home educations is very big. This reflects how a person experiences learning new skills during the rest of the life.

I have been encouraged to try new things. I believe in my skills and know what all I can do. The most important skill is learning. With that I can be confident and promise to take a job that I cannot do. I’m not imaging skills, but I know I can learn new ones. You must be persistent and continue past the failures. New hobbies, new thinking patterns, new techniques and eventually new life where sky’s the limit.

Original written in Finnish 21.1.2019