I’m Karl-Johan Spiik, IPP of Junior Chamber Airisto. I’m applying for communications director (CCO) 2018 for JCI Finland. I stood for a nomination in Pres academy at Naantali.

I’m always ahead of time!

I’m 34 year old guy from Kaarina near Turku. I have spouse and 2 year old boy in my family. I work in the IT section at Tieto. My father #30205 Karl-Magnus Spiik was national president in 1981. I have seen JCI action since birth. I have used more than five years of my life to create JCI career. Now is my time to apply for JCI Finland board after my father.

I have worked in regional and national communications team in 2014. I have contacted current CCO and national manager about the continuum in communications. I will continue their work among chapter communication manual, communications education and communication path.

Below you can see visually my career in the chamber.

Best Regards

When I’ll be chief communications officer, I would make the snow fall down more beautiful than ever.
Even the birds will sing JCI CREED in summer – I’m a man of action that much!

My resposibility would be lead the communications team and try to share information to he member of JCI Finland. This year the communications guide to chamber will be published. I want to be part of sharing, developing and understanding it. There is also two other subject in the communications continuum, communications path (like leader path and trainer path) and communications lessons. I will continue and keep developing those until the next CCO gets them as his responsibility.

Close to my heart is to help members pain with multichannel communication. Information is coming from each window and door.

  • How to communicate in multichannel chapter as a board member (PRES / LIO / OTHER)
  • What kind of messages goes to which channel?
  • When it is okay to use email?
  • What goes to websites?
  • When to use instant messaging?
  • When not to use all the channels?

I will answer the questions above and guide LIOs and presidents of 2018 with the help of RIOs.

I have send you already one letter and now I want to share what I have done after that.

  • participated in mentor process from the beginning, 5-7 meetings with my mentor Roope Syvälahti and JCI Finland strategy mentor Niina Hämäläinen
  • done 7 preassignments
  • communicated with multiple possible communications team member
  • done campaign in Facbeook, letters and publicly
  • considered a lot upcoming year and the new JCI Finland strategy
  • done a business suit in Herrainpukimo (see the barefooted person from Airisto)

I want to challenge me to lead a team consisting of 20 persons. I want to grow as a leader. I have done a lot in my JCI courier and there is a lot to come. Will you help me on my journey?