Autan tiimejä saavuttamaan toimivan tehtävänhallinnan ja selkeät viestintätavat, jotta töissä on turvallinen ja stressitön olo

Power Automate Premium Error handling and Logging

There has been 400 flow runs done and need to find one certain run – no problem, this is 5min job with Application Insights log search. With that you can get the url for exact flow run and start debugging,… Continue Reading →

Duplicate Microsoft Planner Plans with Power Automate (Flow)

I needed to create a Power Automate solution which clones Microsoft Teams team and planner inside it. And at last add the plan as tab to general channel. Cloning the team is easy and here are the instructions for cloning… Continue Reading →

Believe in your skills – sky’s the limit

Others believe in themselves and their skills more than others. It is not because of intelligence or personality, it is because of education and experience. It is very important ability to understand your own skills. Not everybody realizes that amount… Continue Reading →

Introvert’s imagination

Introvert’s imagination is usually without comparison. There is a saying “introverts have whole world inside their minds” means it literally. Most might have even multiple galaxies. Introverts have ability to live inside the inner world is both possibility and threat…. Continue Reading →

Introvert’s manic depression

Introvert needs space, just to get charged. It might be very hard to understand for an extrovert that being among others eats introvert’s energy. We need to charge our batteries so that we would could smile when being with other… Continue Reading →

Perseverance vs. stubbornness

Some people cannot handle fallbacks. For some people there isn’t big enough obstacle to get pass by. Perseverance is an example that when someone wants something, he will do everything in his power to get it. Perseverance and stubbornness are… Continue Reading →

Don’t be the Riddler – share the information!

Please don’t play the guessing games at the expense of others. Especially don’t do it in customer service or in co-operation. Guessing games is not cool and it produces sad mind. It is a part of children development but for… Continue Reading →

The smile of an introvert

There are a lot of unwritten rules, so called norms. One of these is smile. I you get good service or buy a quality product, you are expected to give a smile. Smile is wonderful thing and it is a… Continue Reading →

Dark knight (p)rises

I had this conversation in my box (CrossFit gym) locker room. We were discussing about Marvel comics and movies. And then boom, he banged my head with idea “Batman is crazy”. I could not understand the issue but he kept… Continue Reading →

Virtual teams and replaced non-verbal communication

Everyday life and communication between colleagues have been changing a lot. Five years ago, a meeting was an event when I need to gather my computer and go to a meeting room or travel to a customer premises. Today a… Continue Reading →

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